The Power of Machine Control demonstrated with 1 month FREE Trial!

The Power of Machine Control demonstrated with 1 month FREE Trial!

Hey there, construction enthusiasts! It’s Matthew, founder of Intelligent Construction Solutions (ICS), and today, I’m thrilled to dive into the world of machine control for excavators and share an exciting success story from the field.

Picture this:

ICS is on-site at Keggall Construction, where we’ve just wrapped up installing our latest machine control system, Unicontrol. Designed by operators and civil engineers, Unicontrol boasts user-friendly software that simplifies operation without sacrificing precision. What sets Unicontrol apart? Well, for starters, it’s backed by our unbeatable introductory offer!!!! Keggall Construction is taking advantage of a one-month free trial, complete with complimentary remote support, engineering assistance, and round-the-clock phone guidance. It’s our way of ensuring our clients experience the full potential of machine control without any upfront commitments.  Yes you heard me right its completely free to trial!  Free install, Free kit, Free support.  We are that confident you will love this system we have decided to run a free “give it a go month”

Yesterday, my team descended upon the site, fitting the excavator with sensors, wiring looms, screen, GNSS sensors, and associated hardware. After a morning of meticulous calibration, I had the pleasure of remotely integrating the client’s drawings into the system, setting the stage for seamless, efficient excavation.

Fast forward to today, and Keggall Construction is already reaping the rewards. With foundations underway and a happy excavator operator at the helm, the benefits of machine control are undeniable. No more manual markings, no more guesswork—just precise, productive digging, all thanks to Unicontrol and the dedicated support of ICS.

As I reflect on today’s success, I’m excited to extend our offer to all construction professionals eager to elevate their projects. Interested in experiencing the power of machine control first-hand? Reach out today to claim your free four-week trial, complete with personalized installation, comprehensive support, and a glimpse into the future of construction technology.

Together, let’s build smarter, faster, and with unwavering precision. Stay tuned for more updates, insights, and success stories from the forefront of construction innovation.

Until next time, happy digging !

Warm regards,

Matthew Kelly Founder, Intelligent Construction Solutions

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